Get More Choices with Improved Laminate Flooring in Flint, MI!

September 29, 2018

Owning a home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to boost its appearance and value. For instance, one of the more low-key home projects is replacing old and outdated flooring with a safe, durable, appealing and affordable material—like laminate. In fact, homeowners everywhere are considering installing laminate flooring material for their next home improvement project. The great news is that you get more choices today with improved laminate flooring in Flint, MI.

Variety of choices

It’s because of modern day flooring technology that laminate flooring is able to offer such a variety of looks and functionality, perfect for busy households and laidback party hosts alike. In addition to the phenomenal physical appearance of improved laminate, it’s also allergen-free, available in waterproof varieties and made with kid- and pet-friendly materials. This is quite the opposite of the carpet in some homes with kids and pets, which can harbor all sorts of germs and debris.

Laminate flooring of the past often looked cheap and cheesy. Today, laminate comes in a variety of color and style options, as well as appearances. In fact, there’s never been so much variety of grains, appearances and colors in the history of laminate as there is today. There’s something for every personal style and budget! Choose from unique features for your floor, including a range of wood textures, plank style, edge types, themes and even laminate that looks like stone, but without the high price tag. Laminate is easy to match to already existing furnishings, or you can try an all-new color scheme to change things up.

Improved styles of laminate flooring

Thanks to the endless selection of styles of laminate flooring—numerous colors, edges, theme, texture, plank style and more—your floor can be as unique as you. Let’s take a look at three of these features:

  • Color: The main thing people like about laminate flooring, aside from the price, is its endless color options. Choose from neutral and basic colors like red, black, brown and green, or jump straight to some exotic colors like Brazilian cherry and fruit tree. Pick a color that fits into your home’s color scheme and design, something that you’ll love and enjoy for many years.
  • Texture: No longer is laminate flooring flat and dull. Today, laminate flooring materials come in many textures, ranging from hand-scraped (rustic-looking), smooth, high gloss (a more modern look), oiled or brushed to a variety of other texture finishes. Because each finish creates a different feel to the flooring, you should place a sample square in the space you want to install laminate so you’re sure it’ll look good.
  • Theme: In regards to theme, these are laminate floors designed by manufacturers with specific themes in mind. Some of the most popular and attractive themes include rustic, coastal decor, shabby chic, contemporary and exotic. Your project, your choice! Keep the same theme going throughout your home, or change it up a little from room to room.

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