Why Vinyl Plank Flooring is Better than Vinyl Sheet Flooring in Flint, MI

September 11, 2018

As you investigate the various options available to you with regard to new flooring in your home, you will need to consider the pros and cons of materials such as vinyl, carpeting, hardwood, tile and stone. But even if you’ve already chosen vinyl, the choices don’t end there—there are many different types of vinyl flooring that have their own advantages and disadvantages, and not all of them are ideal for every single application.

Two of the more common types of vinyl flooring in Flint, MI are vinyl plank flooring and vinyl sheet flooring. In general, vinyl plank flooring is of higher quality than the sheet version, but each has its own uses and benefits. Here is a quick overview of some of the similarities and differences the two types of vinyl flooring have, and why you would likely benefit more from having vinyl plank flooring in your home.


Obviously, both of these types of flooring are made with vinyl. The material used to create the flooring is exactly the same in both variants. But that isn’t the only similarity they share. Both forms of vinyl flooring are completely waterproof, and are ideal for households with children or pets, as they are easy to clean and relatively versatile.

There are, however, more differences than similarities when it comes to vinyl plank versus vinyl sheet flooring. The biggest difference is how they’re installed. Sheet vinyl comes standard in large rolls, very similar to what you’d find in most linoleum flooring. You lay it out in a single big sheet that covers up your area you’re flooring so it doesn’t leave behind any visible seams.

Vinyl plank flooring, meanwhile, comes in a plank style more similar to laminate or hardwood flooring. You install each individual plank to create an appearance that more greatly resembles natural wood than vinyl. This type of vinyl flooring also typically has a very durable, sturdy fiberglass backing. As such, it is a much more durable and long-lasting option than vinyl sheet flooring, which has no sort of rigidity due to it coming tightly wound up in rolls.

Why planks are better

Beyond the durability we already mentioned, there are several reasons why vinyl planks are the better option if you’re strictly looking for quality over quantity.

Vinyl plank flooring is extremely DIY friendly—the small planks make it simple to install yourself without having to hire a professional. You won’t have to worry about bubbling or peeling occurring near the edges of the installation, unlike sheet vinyl, which has a tendency to curl up as time goes on after installation.

Vinyl plank flooring also looks much more natural than sheet vinyl—it is textured with distinct planks, resembling a hardwood floor. Essentially, this type of flooring gives you both the look and feel of a natural floor, with water resistance and long-lasting durability.

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