Top Color Trends for Kitchen Renovations in 2019

December 14, 2018

Kitchen renovation trends have been all the rage, but the 2019 design trends are changing quite a bit from what has been popular over the last five years or so.

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your kitchen in the new year, take a look at the top upcoming kitchen color and style trends.


Carrying bare or stockinged feet day in and day out, the flooring of your kitchen has the capacity to make a bold statement or subtly fade into the background to highlight other key areas of your space. Here are some trends to watch:

  • Natural flooring: One of the key design trends for kitchens in 2019 is the look of the natural. Woods, earth tones and plants blend with neutral-colored cabinets and add to the popular minimalist style. Choose a simple hardwood or look-alike laminate kitchen floor.
  • Concrete: The industrial style is also gaining steam, and plain, gray concrete floors will be “in” in the new year. You can also achieve this look with concrete look-alike tiling.
  • Striking patterns: In contrast to the natural and industrial, others are keeping their kitchens bold with brightly colored tiles in a wide scope of patterns. If you still have a neutral, plain kitchen, adding striking tiles to the floor will give your room an instant makeover.

Counters and cabinets

When it comes to countertops and cabinetry, crisp white used to be the look to have. But in 2019, white is out and dark is in. When renovating the major spaces of your kitchen, try some of these hot new “moodier” styles:

  • Quartz: Granite was on top for a while, but homeowners are shifting to quartz countertops in 2019. Quartz can be found in many moody, dark colors that fit the new theme of the year and are easy to clean and look amazing.
  • Dark color: Color is making its way back into the kitchen in counters and cabinets, particularly shades of blue and green. Just a splash of navy, forest green or another muted cool tone can transform your otherwise-light space. Additionally, black is making a comeback, so don’t be afraid to dive deep into darks.
  • Earthy tones: If cool tones aren’t your speed, earthy tones are also popular for 2019. Deep shades of beige, yellow and terracotta, as well as accents like natural wood, also create that moody atmosphere many homeowners seek.


Tile can be incorporated just about anywhere in your kitchen, from the floor to the backsplash, sink and beyond. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the help of skilled tile contractors in Flint, MI:

  • Black: Black tiles match the moody kitchen theme perfectly and can be used to create a dark floor, an eye-catching backsplash or a unique sink. Instead of going glossy, also consider working in matte black in 2019.
  • Bold colors: Crisp white, stainless steel and flat color are not on trend, but bold, vibrant colors and patterns lending themselves to Spanish or Moroccan influences are.

Call reliable tile contractors in Flint, MI today

Colors and materials go in and out of style, but hiring the right installation team never will. If you’re redoing your kitchen for the new year, contact Glenn’s Tile and Carpet to browse our vast selection of tile, hardwood, laminate, carpet and stone materials. We’ll also install everything you buy from us with quality workmanship. Call today for a free estimate!

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