What is Dekton Made Of? Info from a Countertop Contractor in Flint, MI

August 28, 2018

Dekton countertops have gradually reached the point where they’re among the most popular kitchen countertop materials. It provides homeowners with an ultra-compact countertop surface made from many of the same materials you’ll find in quartz, glass and porcelain countertops, but still has its own unique properties.

Dekton is fabricated using a process called “sinterized particle technology,” in which manufacturers mix together raw materials for the countertop under extreme levels of heat and pressure—more than 1200 degrees Celsius and 5900 psi!

The result? A nearly indestructible countertop that is extremely easy to maintain. In fact, Dekton was created with the goal of outperforming quartz countertops, which are themselves quite popular for their durability and easy maintenance.

Here are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with Dekton countertops, from a countertop contractor in Flint, MI:

  • Outstanding durability: The big claim to fame for Dekton countertops is that they are remarkably durable. You’ll find it almost impossible to crack or chip them, no matter how many food items you chop, slice or whack on top of them.
  • Stain resistant: Unlike other popular countertop materials like granite, marble and quartz, Dekton is stain resistant and does not need to be sealed to prevent discoloration or stains from occurring. You’ll never have issues with Dekton countertops staining or getting discolored.
  • Heat proof: Many countertops are heat resistant, but few are entirely heat proof. Dekton is one of the few. You can put hot dishes right on top of the countertop and not worry about it leaving behind any marks or doing any form of damage at all.
  • Large slabs: Many countertop materials come in relatively small slabs, requiring you to be more thorough in planning out their installation and where the seams will be located. Dekton, however, comes in very large slap sizes, usually around 126” x 56”. This means they should be large enough to cover your entire countertop area without any seams present, providing you with a cleaner, more luxurious appearance in your kitchen.
  • Can be used outdoors: Dekton countertops aren’t just limited to indoor usage. If you have an outdoor kitchen, even in a cold climate, the material will easily withstand exposure to the outdoor elements and to extreme temperature swings. Dekton does not crack or fracture due to extreme temperatures and is ultraviolet resistant, meaning the colors do not fade from sun exposure, as quartz does.
  • Colors: You can add color pigments into the raw materials during the fabrication process, and that color will go all the way through the countertop. These colors give you some extra means of personalizing your countertops, and also ensure that in the unlikely event the countertop does chip, the chip won’t reveal a different color underneath the surface.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with Dekton countertops. To learn more about the countertop materials we have available, contact a countertop contractor in Flint, MI today.

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