Protecting Your Investment in Your New Carpet

May 2, 2018

Your purchase of new carpeting for your home represents a significant investment on your part. Hopefully your new purchase from a carpet store in Flint, MI will last you for years, but this depends on you keeping up with proper care and maintenance. Keep in mind that certain actions on your part can invalidate your carpet’s warranty, so you need to take care of your carpet to prevent losses you cannot recoup.

Fortunately, cleaning your carpet is a lot easier than you probably expect. All you need is a high-quality vacuum, a good stockpile of cleaning products and the knowledge of how to clean your carpet.

You probably already have a good sense of how to clean up spills and other messes on your carpet. But what do you really know about vacuums? How can you be sure you’re selecting a vacuum that will not just operate efficiently, but also help you maintain your warranty protections?

The importance of adjustable height

As you select a vacuum for your home, one of the most important considerations is going to be adjustable height. The more options you have for adjusting your vacuum, the wider variety of carpet constructions you’ll be able to use it on. If you have a vacuum set too high above the surface of the carpet, the vacuum won’t get at the soil below. But if it’s too low, the vacuum’s brushes could cause fraying in the carpet, voiding the warranty.

This means you’ll also need to consider the type of carpet you have:

  • High pile and premium soft carpet: With this type of carpet, you want the highest adjustable setting. The vacuum should be able to easily glide across the surface, so you’re probably going to want a vacuum with larger wheels.
  • Thick loop or long pile: With these specific types of carpets and rugs, you might need to completely remove the beater bar and vacuum only with suction. Otherwise, you risk damaging the carpet.
  • Other carpet types: For all other carpet constructions, you should use a vacuum that has a rotating brush or beater bar. You should change the bags with regularity and frequently check the beater bars for any burs or gouges so you do not do any damage to the carpet.

The Soniclean SFC-7000 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum has been recommended by experts to clean your carpet safely, protecting plush fibers in the process. Other examples of upright, bagged vacuums that are preferred for carpets with greater maintenance needs include the Kirby Sentria, the Oreck LW100 Magnesium SP, the Oreck LW1500 RS Magnesium and the Riccar Supralite, available in both cordless and premium varieties.

Again, the quality of your vacuum goes a long way toward protecting the investment you have made in your carpet, both in terms of keeping it in good condition and preventing an accidental voiding of your warranty. For more information about choosing the right vacuum for your carpet, contact the team at our carpet store in Flint, MI today.

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